Best Foot Massager Reviews

Your hectic lifestyle has got you down?

You feel sore and in pain?

Are your feet killing you slowly?

Are you in a desperate need for a relaxing break?

I feel your distress as was the same a time and can assure you that your body does too. From head to toe, inch by inch, your body is trying to keep up with your schedule the best way it can.

This being said, don’t you think you should bat (nasty creature) an eye to its needs?

Best Foot Massager Machines Reviews | Top Ranking

I have listed down the top ranking foot massager on the basis of customers’ reviews. You can read and choose according to your requirements.

#7 Electrical Pulse Foot Massager | Neuropathy & Reflexology

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If you looking to have a modern guy with EMS and TENS high tech features then this one is for you.

It is officially FDA certified and you can rely on it with a confidant.

EMS helps you to relieve from foot aching with a gentle targetted massage. During the process, your feet will stay comfortable with it.

You will find 4 electrode gel pads are there to provide you with ultimate massaging experience.

You can set stimulation level from 0-99 and choose where you are comfortable with.

  • An adjustable intensity so you can feel it as you go
  • Easy to operate – just put two bare feet and push the button
  • Very beautiful to have around
  • Be careful as you may get addicted to it

#6 Electric Foot Massager a Pemf Therapy  Product | Feet Legs Health

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This electric massager is very very simple but very effective when it comes to the feet and leg health.

This is designed by Pemf Therapy that is known as home health care products.

This uses a microcrystalline magnetic vibration energy phenomenon to take care of your feet and legs.

The magnetic energy stimulator has clinically tested effective that improves the blood circulation and relieve the aches and pains related to that area.

If you are prone to cramps then this one is highly beneficial for you. It is a great gift for athletes also.

  • Microcrystalline magnetic vibration energy will give you deep heat
  • It is best to keep the blood circulation
  • It uses the most advanced human safe technology
  • Not any specific – Yes the price may be for someone

#5 Electric Foot Massager Ottoman Storage Removable Heating Lid | Shiatsu Therapy

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It is the simpleted of all the foot massager machines around. It offers Shiatsu Therapy with Heat, air pressure,  and the vibration. It has a beautiful electric Ottoman storage removable heating lid.

If you are looking for a deep kneading massage then this massager is for you.

It is made of quality polyester.

Power consumption is also very low of 50 watts and the input required is 100-240 V at 50/60 Hz frequency.

  • This does a deep kneading shiatsu foot massage with rotation ball, rolling stick, and vibration knots.
  • It is washable and easy to maintain
  • Easy to operate for elders also
  • A feet size limit is up to men size 14

#4 Arealer Foot Massager Machine with Heat | Remote Control

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This Arealer foot massager machine uses heat, and also perform Shiatsu foot massage with a remote control.

It has 5 different modes with kneading, plantar fasciitis, and air compression.

It is also known as a 3D foot massager and will give you a very comfortable feel during the massage.

This is an electronic foot massager where you can choose a heating mode and this machine will not emit any order as it is assembled with the best available material for this purposes.

  • Remote control and you need not bend once relaxed back on a sofa
  • It controls the temperature very well as per the setting
  • Power consumption is very low even with heating function
  • Not any specific – even price is low

#3 Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

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It covers calves and feet for a highly effective massage. You will feel an experienced human touch.

This Shiatsu Massager will relive your soles and heels. Your body will be back to normal after a hectic day.

You can use at home and office – no one can notice. A very quiet operation.

  • An innovative engineering done ny expert therapists
  • Very powerful to roll foot and calf
  • It has modern, sleek and stylish guy
  • A natural healing experience
  • Be careful if you have any ankle injury in the past

#2 CINCOM Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat | Kneading Rotating Heads

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This is very helpful for plantar fasciitis that is considered as a core part to do the foot massage.

It provides you with the deep kneading actions with rotating heads and soothing heat as a cherry on the top.

It smartly targets the acupuncture points and applies all the available modes on there.

You can control the heating function just by a switch button.

  • Very easy to operate for elders also
  • It is a portable foot massager
  • Adjustable as per foot size
  • Auto shut down button in case you went to heaven in between – 20 minutes
  • Highly addictive and need to use only twice a day on maximum

#1 Podiatrist Calf & Foot Massager | Adjustable Angles

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A podiatrist is an adjustable ankle and can cover the calf area and hip and back easily.

It helps to improve blood circulation in a gentle way by stimulating nerves in your vital organs.

Rollers use 3D designed engineering that helps to control the intensity of massage like high to ultra-soft soothing therapy.

No issues in handling the ankle area – a painless experience all around

Make sure to choose if your feet Size 5.5 to 12.

  • You can adjust as per your foot size – Teen to adult size
  • A beautiful looking guy and you can use in home and office
  • Smartly covers the core area
  • Not any specific

Buying Guide for a Foot Massager Machine

I have already explained the major features of foot massagers and still you need to know these features when going to buy one for you or your love one.

Easy to Clean

A massager if washable then really good to have or at least you can clean it with a simple spray and brush.

3D Rollers

Maks sure to have 3D roller function as it can also give you an ultra-low intensity massage.

Types of Massager

It can be Electric feet massager, a manual one,  water-based.

Easy to Use

Most of the electric massagers come with remote control function. Also, consider if it has an automatic off feature as you may get sleep during the process.

Water Jets

The water jet is the best option when it comes to heat therapy to remove sore and pain. It gives a deep smoothness.


The heating option should be there as if you need it in winter and I think it is the main time where we need to do it again and again.

Cushion Surface

Foot size is also a factor to consider as normally it is available from 5-12 sizes. Some are up 14. Also, make sure the feet massager is adjustable to different feet size.

Multiple Intensity Levels

Sometimes you just need a gentle kneading and on another day you are really looking for a hard push. Make sure you can control the intensity.

Final Verdict

It is always advisable that if you have had any pain related to feet then please consider to a physician. This will definitely help you to choose a better one on the effect basis.

The list I have provided you coves all the different types of massagers with modern technology. You can choose as per your need and budget.

FAQ’s about Foot Massagers

What is Spa Massager Machine?

These machines use water and heat to increase therapist benefits. These are electric foot massagers are normally occupy more volume than others for the same size foot. These Spa machines are normally not portable easily.

This blood circulation helps to increase metabolism and ultimately the overall health.

Which is the best foot massager to buy?

  1. Electric Foot Massager a Pemf Therapy Product
  2. Electrical Pulse Foot Massager
  3. Electric Foot Massager Ottoman Storage Removable Heating Lid
  4. Arealer Foot Massager Machine with Heat
  5. Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager
  6. CINCOM Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat
  7. Podiatrist Calf & Foot Massager

Do foot massagers really work?

Yes, these modern technologies do wonders. There are quite innovative bioengineering is done to soothe your feet after daily hectic jobs.

Do foot massagers help with circulation?

Yes, this is the major functions of a good foot massager.

How long should you use a foot massager?

20 minutes. It also depends on how intensive you are using.

Are foot massages dangerous?

Overuse can be harmful but if you use in limits then this will be your best friend now on.

Is it good to massage your feet every day?

Yes, you can do it twice a day every day if you want to.

How often can you use a Shiatsu Foot Massager?

You can do it on a daily basis – no harm at all

Is it good to massage your feet before bed?

Yes, 5 to 10 minutes of gentle massage before sleep will help you for better sleep.

Is a foot massager good for arthritis?

Yes, it helps to reduce body tightness.

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