All in one Foot Spa Bath Massager – MS0810M

How often did it happen to you that you got back home at the end of the day and simply couldn’t wait to take your shoes off? Did it also happen that when you looked down at your feet they looked incredibly swollen?

How many times did you put your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend to rub your feet to help you relax? All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager is a great option to bring some relaxation and comfort to your feet at the end of a tiresome day!

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What is so great about this foot bath massager? Well, it’s not much different from other foot massager spas but it has some extra options that many common foot massagers simply do not have. For example, it has a heating option. This means that you do not have to soak your feet only in cold water, you also have the option to use heated water. The machine will completely heat up the water in no more than five minutes. All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager also comes with oxygen bubbles massage, high-frequency vibration massage and infrared therapy.

What’s more, is that this foot massager spa not only heats up the water, but it keeps it at the same temperature you stop it at. The massager is extremely safe due to the fact that the manufacturers have designed it to be double protected against over-heating. Moreover, its massage rollers are rounded and made out of plastic, which makes them comfortable yet tough enough on your feet in order to properly massage them.

The foot massager spa is designed to perfectly fit any size of feet up to the 14 Men’s size. This means there is enough room for your feet both to sit comfortably and to move around as much as you want. Also, the massager is designed so that bath salts & oils, as well as foot, soak to be put in the water without it breaking apart.

Why would you choose a foot massager spa? Well according to reflexology there are around 70,000 nerve endings in your feet that are connected to each and every body part and area. Imagine what standing on your feet all day, while they are crammed in tight or uncomfortable shoes does to your whole body? Massaging your feet at the end of your day or whenever you get a bit of spare time for yourself, especially while soaking them in water, is very helpful both to your physical and emotional well-being. The great thing is you can help your feet all on your own. You don’t need to put anyone to massage your feet, and you can even do some work on your laptop while the foot massager spa does all the work to relax your feet.

A great relaxing massage will do wonders to your feet by improving their circulation. This can also help with blood pressure issues, diabetes, hormone issues and simple aches and pains. Your muscles will relax, your skin will be exfoliated and hydrated at the same time. You can even use the foot massager spa to help relieve stress and tension, anxiety and cope with depression. Not to mention, it is a great help when it comes to women and PMS symptoms. It will help you feel less cranky, tired, restless or moody. All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager is among the best options to choose from when considering a foot massager spa. More than half of the buyers have rated it with a five star which says more about it than words can say.

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