HoMedics Shiatsu Elite – FMS 200H

Proper care for the well-being of your feet with HoMedics FMS-200H

As a result of our sedentary lifestyles, our bodies can feel under the weather and experience serious pain.

On the other hand, standing up for long periods of time at work or home and even a challenging workout routine might get your feet there, too.

HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager, White

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Taking the time to pay attention to your feet is not only going to make you feel amazing and relaxed, but will also improve your health.

What if we told you there is a way, within your budget, that could pamper and revitalize your feet, without having to get out of your house? No, we are not referring to a private session with a professional, but merely offering you the optimum solution: the HoMedics foot massager reflexology.

Its classy design is surely going to catch your eye with its flaming red colors and while appearance is an important aspect, this foot massager reflexology is so much more than that. The 4 rotating heads on the pad will offer you full foot coverage with just the right amount of deep kneading action. The toe-touch settings it features are easy to use and you can quickly switch from a normal massage to one combined with heat. Its LED illumination can help you see which of the feature is activated.

By placing your legs in the right angle on the pad, you can also benefit from a massage to your calves. As you’ll feel the warmth slowly penetrating your tissues combined with the perfect amount of vibration, you are literally going to be swept of your feet.

The HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager is considered a foot massager reflexology because of its special qualities of thoroughly applying pressure on specific areas that harmonize with other body parts. Relieving pain and pressure, stress, anxiety, improving blood circulation, and preventing/curing different diseases (plantar fasciitis, chronic headaches, depression) are just the physical benefits your body will feel. While at the same time, having a great impact on your mental and emotional state.

Another thing you need to take into consideration about this foot massager is its automatic shut-off system, meaning you can relax without risking any kind of accidents. It is also ideal for parents with babies, since it is so silent, you can enjoy a good foot rub and keep an eye on your sleeping child. Due to its lightweight and portability, you can take this massager at work or when you’re going on vacation.

The brand itself is just another bonus point, the HoMedics company has been in the industry since 1987. Right now is a world leader in manufacturing some of the most leading-edge brands in personal wellness in over 60 countries.

The HoMedics FMS-200H is simply the perfect choice for you and your family. Spare a few bucks on an elite foot massager reflexology because at the end of a long day, that is what’s going to get you back on your healthy and beautiful feet.

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