Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair – Foot Rest 06C

If there is just no time in your agenda for going on a regular basis to the spa or to a professional masseur and taking a day off or a vacation every time you feel tired, stressed or in pain doesn’t sound too practical, the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair might be the answer to your prayers. This chair is just the thing to relieve stress, revitalize sore muscles, and take your full body into a complete state of relaxation.

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The full body shiatsu massager is classy and cleverly designed having some of the most modernistic functions and features you can pamper your body with while enjoying the soft and cozy leather feeling. Restoring vitality to your body, mind, and spirit is at the touch of a button: increasing blood circulation, improving joint mobility, relaxing the muscles as it gently penetrates the tissue, ensuring flexibility and reducing musculoskeletal pain. This chair is a miracle worker on a variety of illnesses as well, is known to have cured or eased the symptoms on arthritis or bursitis, multiple sclerosis, muscle tension and spasm, fractures and edemas, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gastrointestinal disorders, and even Kyphosis or Scoliosis. Many oncological patients have used to alleviate cancer symptoms or during their palliative care process. Turning it into a foot massager has been known to benefit women for pregnancy, labor support, and PMS symptoms.

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Features of Spa Massager

These massage features with automatic adjustment make this chair a mighty partner in your healthcare regime:


which is the equivalent of a therapeutic massage, providing you with a sense of invigoration and a relaxing feeling;
the kneading which is known for relieving tension, soreness and stretching the muscles from all over your body;
the shiatsu which at its origins is a Japanese massage technique and aims certain pressure points and regulates the energy flow within your whole body;

Percussive Massage

which initiates deep pulses throughout your body increasing blood flow and it is known to improve mobility and motion, using this as a foot massager works wonders;

Compression Massage

which also concentrates on pressure points and has been proven to improve among others to eliminate specific pain trigger points and have long-term results;
the chop action tapping is one of the unique functions of this chair, known to stimulate the nerves from tissues for an effective massage effect;

Rolling Massage

feature drags an ideal force across the tissue layers of your body improving the blood flow on specific areas that don’t receive enough, it is a type of massage usually used by sportspeople;

The Flapping

also is known as “the wings of a butterfly” implies frequencies that can stimulate the healing process overall;
Besides there, the more than 30 built-in airbags combined with a great heating system are heaven-sent. As it names states the full body shiatsu massager address to pain everywhere, if you may want to focus on a single area, you can simply select just a high-quality foot massager.

Pre-set Settings

can be combined and customized as you please, turning from the pain in your lower back to the one located on your calves. A control panel with LED digital display is located on the right arm of the chair, allowing you to gather the exact amount of information about the massage you’re experiencing.

Since it can bend to about 165 degrees, you can adjust the position you’re most comfortable with and while the chair works on your body, you can relax, enjoy a good book, a glass of wine, and even take a nap.

Final Verdict

It is a reasonable thought to be hesitating about this product since massage chairs are often considered a luxury piece. But don’t worry, after you’ll see its unbelievable price, you’ll rush into getting one and it will be an investment no one will regret and since it comes in black, brown and burgundy you can pick the perfect one to match your living room!

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