The Best Foot Spa Massager

The LiveFine Spa and Foot Bath is a great home replacement for an actual spa.

You get all the wonders you could get for your feet while spending a day at the spa but from the comfort of your own home.

The foot massager spa is easy to use and easy to carry around the house.

You can use it while sitting on the couch watching TV; you can use it while at your desk; you can even use it in your backyard while enjoying a cold beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Doesn’t that sound relax?

LiveFine Foot Spa with Aqua Air Jets | Massage Rollers, Bubbles

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The LiveFine massager spa has the role of relaxing your tired feet. It does this by helping the muscles in your feet relax while at the same time improving the blood flow to them. This will not only help you relax your feet but it will also help them deal with more tiredness. Your feet will not get so tired after standing for long hours if you choose to use the foot massager spa daily. It’s not only good in the present moment it’s also extremely good on the long-term.

Another incredible thing is that it can be used by the whole family. If your wife or husband got back home earlier then you, he or she can take advantage and spend some extra minutes relaxing the feet in the foot massager spa before you get back home and steal it back from them. Even children can use the foot massager spa. If your teenage kids are having dance classes or soccer practice, they would definitely enjoy a few minutes on The LiveFine Jet after a tiresome dance class or soccer practice. Not to mention your elderly parents or grandparents whose feet get even more tired with old age.

The LiveFine Spa and Foot Bath are really beautifully and simply colored in white and blue. It comes with two rotating jets that make sure to not leave any part of your feet untouched. The foot massager also can heat up the water to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, it can also cool it back off to the desired temperature. While the hot water soaks your feet and the two jets massage them with water bubbles, there is a removable pumice stone that you can rub your feet against. This really helps if your feet usually get calluses. Have no worry about the size of your feet; this foot massager spa has room for a 14 Men’s Size.

One of the best things about The LiveFine Foot Spa is that is has a remote. This means you don’t even have to reach down to change the settings you can do it while you stretch out on your couch with your arms high in the air. LiveFine is a company that specializes in massage products. It doesn’t only make foot massages spas but also body massages, massage chairs, and personal massagers. All of these are easy and fun to use products which you can use anywhere you choose to.

Foot Bath Spa Benefits

To add more vigor to your pedicure, consider getting a foot bath in any of the local spas near you. This procedure will help to make your feet look even more appealing. In addition, it also helps to relieve rheumatic pains and aches while reviving your very tired and burned out feet.

Because of these benefits, a lot of people are becoming so intrigued by the procedure. In fact, others would not mind spending lots of money on getting this procedure done on a regular basis. So here’s how you can benefit from this kind of foot pampering procedure.

A Foot Bath Relieves Aches and Pains

One of the main reasons why a lot of people would spend for foot baths is simply because it helps to relieve their feet from the aches and pains as a result of rheumatism, arthritis, and other types of muscle pains. Medical experts would recommend taking care of your feet if you are suffering from arthritis. Furthermore, a regular foot care routine should be maintained to prevent the pain from setting off, which is just too inconvenient.

Taking care of your feet would require washing it well along with some deep massage while applying some moisturizer on them to prevent dry skin. And this is exactly what a foot bath is all about. So if you would have this procedure done on a regular basis, then your arthritis would somehow be comforted.

Prevents Excessive Perspiration

Keeping your feet clean is the best way to prevent hyperhidrosis – a condition that occurs as a result of excessive sweating on the feet. Such condition is said to be more common among men than women and often occurs to most young adults who are fond of wearing closed shoes.

If left unattended, you will end up having very smelly feet which can make you feel uncomfortable, especially when you are with friends. Good foot hygiene is essential in preventing such conditions and getting a regular foot bath is also beneficial to those who are suffering from hyperhidrosis.

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